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In the pursuit of our craft, we aim to find the perfect balance between drinkability and uncompromised flavor. Our mission is to bring great beer to great people, and sacrifice nothing along the way. Even the boldest of our beers are brewed with the desire to be appreciated by all drinkers alike.

Longtime friends Tom, Francis, and Colin founded Diamondback Brewing Company in 2013, with production starting in late 2014. From our first batch at the University of Maryland to our current production level, we have always strived to create unforgettable beer that everyone can enjoy.

Our roots run deep in Maryland and we aim to grow locally and capitalize on the relationships we have developed for years. Our company and our brands celebrate the state we call home, while offering a fresh take on even the most classic beer styles.

As Baltimore natives, we know the dynamic local market offers a great home for our hand crafted ales. We are always looking to expand our reach and bring our ales to our fans. Please contact us to learn more about distribution, pricing, and availability.




Tom, Francis & Colin