Canned Beer


Canned Beer

Words by Tom Foster, Colin Marshall, and Zack Kaiser

For the past two years, we have aspired to produce the highest quality beer while offering a distinct taproom experience.  Pint after pint, we have strived to produce fresh beers in numerous styles. While focusing primarily on our taproom, we have also canned several of our offerings over the years. Thanks to the incredible team at Iron Heart Mobile Canning, we have reached consumers all over the world with our cans. However, these sporadic canning runs have come with tight schedules and predetermined varieties and volumes. In order to provide our consumers with more consistent offerings, we decided to purchase our own canning line. This new asset offers the freedom to set our own canning schedule and ability to package smaller batches of beer.


Recently, we have been testing out our new American-made (Colorado) line from Yampa. This three-head filler will provide us the flexibility to can product on our own schedule, and at our own discretion. Previously, we needed to can upwards of 120 cases in order to meet financial viability. These limits hindered our ability to provide unique and innovative styles in cans. With our Yampa, we plan on canning—at least in part—almost every new offering we bring to the market. This will include a heavy emphasis on lager beer as well as our hopped ales. We plan on starting small—offering 10-20 cases per week of a rotating selection of beer.  


As we begin to offer new packaged product, you will see a different label on our cans. These labels are created in-house by our team, and while simpler in style, embody that same innovation and philosophy found within our brewing and marketing.

Our brewing philosophy revolves around innovation without boundaries. This new canning structure perfectly fits our company mentality, and we are thrilled to explore all of the possibilities. We have witnessed the demand behind canned product and want to provide all of our loyal consumers the ability to enjoy our beer anywhere life takes them. As always, we are thankful for the support of our mission, and revel in the fact that we can share more beer with all of you.

Cheers, DBC Team

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