Slow Beer Mentality

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Our goals, motivation, and core principles are difficult to explain over social media. We have never set out to attack anyone with our mission, but rather explain the passion which drives our company and liquid forward.

We have become enthralled by something called the slow beer mentality—a dedication to crisp lagers and clean, hop-accentuated ales. These products can’t be rushed and require intention. We strive to create a diverse portfolio for individual palates and our industry as a whole. We want to keep our beer as fresh as possible—both in our tap room and at the establishments that serve our liquid. We want to provide our consumers with an appreciation for these beers and an understanding of the time and enthusiasm that goes into each and every one of them. Our lagers age for over two-months—not so we can boast about it, but because that is how long it takes to develop the flavors we desire. We have set out on a different path than many other breweries in the area. That decision makes us no better or worse than any other brewery. This decision is not a manifesto that “we know best.” Education about our business and the beer we produce is a vital part of our mission—both for the consumer and for us as brewers and owners.

Our goal over the next year is to provide insight into our brewing process. We want to highlight the mechanisms that enable quality, which we feel includes self-distribution and restrained growth. At the end of the day, making beer is about creation and exploration. We respect the deep history of the beer industry, and invite you to share in spreading it’s tireless spirit.

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